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Netflix account Hacked on Volt package

On our wavelength

Last Thursday my daughter was unable to login to our Netflix.

When I checked it did not recognize my email associated with the account so I could not recover the account.

I spoke to Netflix and they said my associated email had been changed to another email made up of random numbers and letters, so Netflix advised me this looked like the account had hacked. They could not reset the account for me and stated that Virgin Media would have to delete the account and then re-add Netflix to my package.

To cut a long story short, I've been unable to get Virgin Media to recover the Netflix account. Finally one of the operators put me through to the fraud team. But this call got terminated.

After several hours of talking & messaging I've still no access.

Any suggestions would be welcome


Hi GerryS1 👋🏼.

Thank you for posting and welcoming you onto our community forum ☺.

Sorry to see there has been some confusion with your Netflix ☹.

Was your Netflix details ever used to log into a new device?

Have you shared your details with anyone at all?

Who was suppose to ring you back? Also with regarding the refund what was the refund made for? 

Please let us know we are here to help. 

Thank you.  

Ari - Forum Team

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Yes, my Netflix details were used to log in on another device. No, I have never given my details to anyone else. The refund was for Netflix Premium which we took out with VM and which  we can no longer access due to our email address no longer recognised.  According to the customer care representative I spoke to they said they would refund our Netflix Premium subscription and escalate our issue and that we would be phoned back to help resolve the issue (this has not happened). 

Thanks for coming back to us GerryS1, I can see on the notes that this has been looked into by one of the agents, have they called you back since your last post on Friday?

Kind Regards,


Joining in

Needless to say we still can't access Netflix.  Customer care folks all really nice, but every time a new one takes over you have to explain the whole saga again.   I’d accept rude efficiency just

 to get this issue sorted out.  It’s more than 4 weeks now since the issue started and it’s all the time you lose chasing them up you will never get back. 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey @GerryS1,

Sorry to hear this is still ongoing, I can see one of the team was working on this for you and looking into resolving this with you in a private message, if you would like to reach back out to them they will happily look into this further with you.


Exactly the same as me, apart from we had to set up a new Netflix account as our son moved out and we were using his. Netflix and Virgin wouldn't connect accounts. In the meantime, I've been paying Netflix AS WELL as the money to virgin because they promised me an email link!!

Hi @vickim1978 thanks for your post although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

So unfortunately, we cannot cancel Netflix accounts from our side, they would need to be cancelled via Netflix if you're looking to re-raise it underneath a different email address.

Regarding the account in question (your son's), if he is still using Netflix under his email address, then this would be the one that is being billed to the Virgin Media account.

Can you confirm please if your son's has remained active? If so, this would need cancelling and then we can re-send out the verification email to the email address in question.

Many thanks