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Netflix - The big bundle lie

Tuning in

Well… after over several loyal years with Virgin, so disappointed with current service levels around resolving a new package that you recommended and then didn’t deliver on. 

I’ve emailed, phoned and chatted several times with the same answer. 
“We will email you a Netflix activation link again”.  
Package signed up in March 2022, and it’s now June 2022 and still no Netflix. 

Like most, getting the usual ‘promises of a fix’, and ‘we are working on it’, and ‘it’s complicated’ we had an issue. 

Considering I pay for the top package - how hard can it be for someone to active Netflix and send me a link to use it? (Please don’t tell me for the 100th time it IS active as it is not visible on my online account). 

Did anyone ever get VM to fix their issue? Amazed you can offer something that doesn’t get given in terms of contract. 

Simply - fed up!

Knew I should have switched to sky when contract ended. 



It certainly was not a fob off. The lady I spoke to was very helpful and assured me if it did not work my account would be recredited if I rang her on a direct line which I shall do in the morning 

I'm guessing the systems aren't working properly. I will keep everyone informed but as You state DO NOT proceed with the activate button if it mentions a chargeable option. You will be charged 


Sent an email to the virgin team member dealing with my problem as soon as I'd realised I was charged (approx 1am)

At 9:21 I received confirmation that my account was recredited to eliminate the extra charge before my bill was prepared today 

My account is now being monitored to see what happens going forward while they work towards a resolution of this problem of incorrect charging to benefit everyone affected eventually

I work in it myself so understand How frustrating things like this can be. I'll update when I know more. 


So at 07:34 am I received the elusive Netflix activation email which contains a link to ensurre Netflix is included in my package.

Upon clicking the link I am taken to a screen that says great news Netflix is included in your virgin media package 

Let's link your Netflix account to your Virgin media package . You're signed in as


If this isn't your Netflix account , link a different account (which is a hyperlink ) and a big red continue button 

Clicking continue takes You to a screen where you choose tier of Netflix . £0  for standard (included with virgin media at no extra cost ) or £5 for premium .

I chose the big red continue with standard button

It then goes to a we're almost done screen 

Netflix is included in your virgin media bill and Netflix will no longer bill your previous payment method 

It then confirms your email address to login  , payment method (virgin media) and your Netflix plan 

Under that is a big red button ACCEPT AND START WATCHING

Click that and it's finally done. You can confirm its all correct by clicking on your account button within Netflix. It says your package is billed through virgin media. Contact Virgin Media to update your payment details or end your billing through Virgin Media.


That's it. Good luck everyone. I suggest anyone wanting this email that hasn't got it contact virgin and ask for it. I got in touch via a complaint through the executive team and they couldn't have been more helpful

Under no circumstances try and activate Netflix any other way even if told to by a Virgin rep as You will be billed 

  • Insist on this email being sent. Mine was sent from this address (replace at with the @ symbol and remove all spaces and put . Instead of dot

Streamingservices at virginmedia dot com  

At no point did I use any activate button from within my virgin account. You need to get this email and follow the steps ive detailed. It works !!!!





Youve a lot of catching up to do @tafrock. May I suggest you start with the documentary about the lunar landing so you can play the immortal phrase 'one small step for man' 😃

On our wavelength

Well exactly 6 weeks to the day I agreed to change package on a WhatsApp chat I have just received the new contract and activation email for Netflix, it even said the price was £0.00!

This was eventually sorted by one of the forum team, I did have to chase them up but we got there in the end, surely if Virgin Media just done the right thing first time they would actually be better off rather than wasting everyone’s time including their own!

Been waiting 12 weeks for somebody to sort it for me and have seen no progress at all...

Ultimate Volt, 2 x TV360 boxes


Tractorboy send a complaint to the executive team. That's how mine got sorted.  

What contact details do you have ?

Ultimate Volt, 2 x TV360 boxes

Rising star

Thanks will give it a go…

Ultimate Volt, 2 x TV360 boxes

Hi @MXmaster,

Thank you for expanding on your situation. So that I can take a closer look at what's going on for you and ensure we're getting this investigated for a resolution ASAP, I'm going to send you a private message in a few moments.

Please respond to this when you can and we can go from there.


Zach - Forum Team
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