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Netflix Subscription cancelled.

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I received an email from Netflix to state my subscription  which is part of the Volt package has been cancelled. It is now impossible to restart membership  from the set-top box. VM Customer service has been unable to resolve. Netflix customer service stated it is because  payment had not been received by Virgin Media. In my Virgin Media account it still shows Netflix as an active service. Virgin Media customer support have confirmed this is not a technical issue. Like many other people please would you resolve this frustrating issue. 


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Welcome to the club.

Ive been waiting a year for mine to get fixed, I wouldnt hold your breath

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I had the same email on 9th Feb.

I've had nothing but trouble with Netflix since joining VM mid last year.  Netflix works for a few weeks then "an error" comes up asking to restart subscription, IT form raised, works for a couple of weeks - and repeat....  It only started working again last time on 2nd Feb!

So far raised a VM complaint on the 9th/Feb which only told me to talk to customer service.

Called Customer service 21st Feb and they raised said an IT ticket had been raised automatically on the 9th and I should wait a few days!  They promised a Mgr would call be back in 4hrs...  still waiting.

Called again last night for another IT Ticket to be raised and a "Netflix form" but I'm not holding my breath on a quick fix!

Whats this Netflix form Im hearing about?

They said it was a form to request activation of Netflix.  It worked twice after I had the "sorry, there has been error" when you try and restart subscription

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @KMW6 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear of this issue with Netflix. From the system check done, I can see you've spoke to the team, we have raised this fault to the team and it should be rectified asap.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Tuning in

It seems a common problem.My subscription was cancelled in January.Numerous phone calls,e mails has failed to resolve the issue.Amazing that a tech giant organization like Virgin seem unable to solve it! 

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Hi John,

I really appreciate your response but please could you let me know when this issue will be rectified and how this will be communicated. My last response from on a call with VM was that this was not a technical fault.  Netflix customer services confirmed on their side nonpayment from VM was the issue. 
Netflix is still being promoted as an advantage of upgrading to a Volt package.

Given how fundamental the Netflix service is to the VM offering it would be helpful to have additional information as to when a service offered will become available. It is clearly a known issue impacting many people.

It has been months with extremely limited service and had I been aware of the difficulties and time spent trying to resolve I would not have upgraded. A timeframe to resume service and direct confirmation would be appreciated.  Many thanks. 

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Hi All, @KMW6,

My Netflix is back working again.  I've had no call or comunication from the IT Team as to what they have done to resolve the problem.

My IT Ticket number was P011807015 if that can help anyone to find you a solution.

I'll let you know how long it last for  - seems give up a week or so after a billing cycle! 🙂

Good luck

Hi @KMW6 


Thanks for your response


We're unable to provide a timeframe on our part but the team will be in touch as soon as they have an update, the team have submitted this over to our second line team to handle with Netflix so we can look to have this resolved as soon as possible for you.



Forum Team

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