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Netflix Billing on Ultimate Volt Bundle - Moving between Standard and Premium Netflix

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The Ultimate Volt Bundle includes Netflix Standard.

There is also an option to move up to Netflix Premium (for £5 per month) and back to Netflix Standard (back down to £0).  Can anyone confirm how the billing and service works for this?

If for example, I move up to Premium in the middle of my Virgin billing month, does that take effect immediately and my next bill includes payment for the current part month and a full next month?

If I move back down to Standard in the middle of my Virgin billing month, does that take effect immediately and my next bill gives me a refund for the part month where I was on Standard?

Or perhaps notice periods apply, or perhaps everything has to be aligned to a Virgin billing month, etc.  Does anyone know for sure please?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Tim_  👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us. Apologies for the issues you are having around Netflix, we get it can be a little bit confusing. Usually, you’ll see the one subscription fee for Netflix on each Virgin Media bill. However, this might not always be the case.

When you sign up for Netflix, your subscription charges start from the day you join. If you signed up for Netflix somewhere in the middle of your bill cycle, then your subscription fee renewal date will come up on a different date to your Virgin Media bill.

If you did this, then you may get your Virgin Media bill before your next monthly Netflix subscription is up for renewal – in which case, you won’t receive a Netflix fee. If this happens, you may see Netflix subscription renewal fees for two months on your next bill, to make up the missed month.

Don’t worry, you’ll never be charged any extra for Netflix than you’d normally pay. You’ll find each Netflix subscription renewal date listed in your Virgin Media bills.

I hope this helps.