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Netflix Activation

Tuning in

I have a Volt bundle which includes a standard Netflix subscription. When I try and activate through the 360 box it does not work. There doesn’t seem to be any other way to activate - I never received an activation email and I have no page on the My Virgin Media account to activate.

Incredibly frustrating and disappointed for a premium bundle! Any solutions welcome!


Tuning in

Had the same issue for 2 months now. Brand new customer. Countless calls and “IT tickets raised” just fobbed off every time. Last hope is contacting CISAS

I’m going to struggle to phone during the day as I’m at work. I’ve never been sent an activation email - I don’t understand why there isn’t an online web chat for these issues. I got through on one web chat but they said they can only deal with billing, there’s a surprise! 

Hi @chelmo,

Welcome to our community forums and thank you for your first posts. 

Sorry to hear you have been having issues with your Netflix activation. We can understand this is not ideal and want to best help. I have had a look at our system and I can see our team raised an IT ticket for you to have this resolved. Please allow for 3-5 working days and our team will get back to you with a resolution.


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Claimed for and got £250 because of [MOD EDIT: Language] netflix, I just want it on my TV as per contract!

I claimed £100 for the value of the missing netflix for the period. £100 for being FOBBED OFF with claims it will work in 7-day-waits (many, many over 6 months) , and £50 for the time spent on the phone and looking for fictitious emails and app-buttons.!

 Next time it'll be more, we really are being taken-the- [MOD EDIT: Language] of. Research time isn't cheap chez-Neal when I work, this won't be different..!!

But the data-network is absolutely cool here, 

GOOD LUCK, We'll need it!!