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Need to Cancel Volt 02 SIM

Joining in

I have entered a contract with 02 and Virgin for broadband but I got a call from the construction team saying they can no provide me virgin broadband. Now I need to cancel both contracts. But I keep getting cut off when talking to virgin media to cancel broadband. Can anyone help me?



Alessandro Volta

Why cancel the VM installation?  Cancel the O2 contract with O2 (report back if they are difficult), and do nothing about VM.  They won't charge you until the installation which won't now happen, but until the company issue a formal "Cease Notice" and provide a suitable alternative ISP arrangement, they will still owe you £5.25 a day.  As VM are usually very disorganised, it could be many weeks, even months, possibly the end of time itself before they issue a cease notice and offer that alternative ISP arrangement.  This thread may explain some of the details.  Likely that you'd need to eventually cancel the VM order yourself, then complain to VM asking for the compensation - they'll insist that a phone call from the install team counts as the cease notice, but your argument is that such a call does not form a cease notice, and absent fulfilling the obligation of providing a suitable alternative (same speeds, same terms) from another ISP, they're still in breach and the rules clearly state they have to pay.  It would certainly need to go through formal complaint and then external adjudication, but there's some profitable fun to be had.......


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi JackBauer1,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂  I'm sorry to hear there are some construction delays at the new property. I can see since posting you've been able to get in touch, if you do need anything else please let us know.