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Moving home but Netflix subscription causes problems

Tuning in

Contacted VM to advise of house move a couple of days ago. Got all the way to the end of the questions to then be told that as we have a Neflix subscription some other dept would have to call me. You've guessed it ... they didn't! BTW it took an hour for someone to respond to the chat request.

Phoned again today, after giving up holding on for a chat response. Exactly the same response. Someone will call me back. They haven't.

VM Volt package is great when it's working but as usual the customer service is pitiful.

Am I entitled to end the contract and go with Sky at the new address? 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Apologies for the issues faced benno17,

Welcome back to the community.

Can I ask did they give a reason for why another department were required to contact you?

Let us know,


Because we have Netflix 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hello @benno17,

Thanks for confirming.

I am sorry that the Netflix account is causing issues with your home move, have you asked them to cancel your Netflix and re activating it on your new account? 

Many thanks,

Forum Team

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As far as I am aware the are many, many customers in the same position. You have to speak to the Exceptions Team, which I have just succeeded in doing after many hours on the phone. Hopefully all sorted!

So ... moved into new home ... VM installed and working ... and now VM have charged me £288.00 for cancelling the previous contract early. Which of course I haven't. Surely moving down the road; transferring exactly what I have in the previous house to the new house, can't be that complicated! The engineer was only told to install two boxes instead of the previous 3. And now VM write suggesting I refer a friend. Are you joking? And when you call you are told to wait another 48 hours and then call back. So, you call, speak to a very helpful assistant who decides I need to speak to the Moving Dept. He will transfer and explain the situation. You are put on hold and then after 10/15 mins they cut you off. Ridiculous!!


Hi @benno17


Thanks for posting on our community forum and sorry to hear about your issue regarding the move.


I'm going to drop you a private message now to investigate further, please keep an eye on your inbox for a message from myself.



Forum Team

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