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Miss sold Package

Tuning in

Hi there,

Took out a Gig1 contract with Virgin as an o2 customer via an o2 store. The agent told us to take the ultimate package it would be £85 for the offer, however, we agreed we didn't need the sim as I'm already an o2 customer with 2 sim cards. He said he removed the o2 sim and the bill when it's generated by Virgin will be £60 a month. 

Today I received a bill from Virgin asking for £85 a month, called them and they told me that's the cost if the package. So, I explained what I signed up for and he said I needed to call o2. Called o2 and they cannot locate a sim deal on the account. 

Went back to the o2 store today and they told me they can't help but the offer is £85 with the sim and £60 without but they can't give me this in writing even after speaking with an the head of virgin media for the area who confirmed that we should be paying £60. 

Virgin is still adamant that the package for the TV, broadband and landlines is £85 and they cannot change the price. 

How do I resolve this so I can pay the £60 a month?

Thank you in advance of your response. 



Tuning in

Ring 02 customer services on 202 from your mobile give them a try.



I called them and they said that they cannot see any mobile for the order, they sent me back to Virgin. I've beck going back and forth between them trying to resolve this. I will try them again. Wish me luck!

Hi @Selkar17,

Thank you for your posts and welcome to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm so sorry to hear that there's a complication with your bundle and its monthly cost. Have you been able to speak with the team since your last post, or do you still need our assistance with this?


Zach - Forum Team
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Hi Zach,

Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately, I've had no joy in getting this sorted. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. 



Hi @Selkar17 

Thanks for coming back to the thread.

I'll send you a PM now.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Hi there, we returned to VM last month on the Gig1 Volt deal. Only by trying to change my current number over to new O2 sim after a visit to our local O2 shop & actually being in a contract with them already, I was told that number could'nt be changed over & therefore the O2 sim that came as part of Volt package was no longer required. They gave me a number to contact to cancel separate Volt sim. But by this time a payment of £25 had been taken off our bank account & we are awaiting a refund but in the meantime we received an e-mail from O2 on 31st of May to say the Volt sim had been cancelled yet in the past week we have received 2 e-mails stating due to direct debit being cancelled which we certainly never done we are still due another £25 payment. After a call to O2 we were told no payment was required & to ignore any further e-mails. Today another was received looking for a payment of £5 & same answer was given after another phone call that no payment was due. The fact is O2 are due us a refund so when they do decide to refund us they would need original bank details to return funds so no way would we cancel direct debit that quick.

I have also received this not a VM problem, contact O2 & vice versa. I would just like to get simple clarity on who is responsible please. It is annoying getting e-mails stating monies is due then after contact with O2 no payment is required!

The entire ‘Volt’ setup, just like the Netflix arrangements, on paper sound like good deals - Volt being due to the partnership between VM and O2, although it does appear that this partnership is good in some ways, ie easy to sign up for, but bad in others, if it goes wrong, both VM and O2 simply throw up their hands and neither accept responsibility!

OK, too late for you, but what I would strongly advise for others is to never, ever, entertain a ‘Volt’ deal or any deal involving ‘free’ Netflix! Keep it all separate and under your control, not VM’s. That way you know exactly what is happening, what your relationship and obligations are to each company etc.

To be fair, probably in the vast majority of cases it all pans out just fine, but, as you have seen, when it doesn’t, then it seems to fail catastrophically and immediately, and nobody knows what is going on or is able to help. And that is possibly due to insufficient planning and due diligence, before this was all rolled out and made live!

So to paraphrase a famous saying of the 80’s - Drugs Volt offers, just say NO!


Hi Graham2169


Thank you for your post and welcome back to our community.


I am sorry to hear about the issues you are having with the O2 billing for the SIM card.


It is O2 you would need to speak with please as we cant assist here with the SIM side.


If you are having any issues with your Virgin Media services, please let us know and we will do all we can to help. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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