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Mis sold a package

Tuning in

Back in April 2022, my old Virgin media contract was due for renewal.  I was sold a new 'all singing all dancing Volt 1G broadband package with 'everything' plus O2 SIM).  But I was told they were having a supply chain issue with the new 1G modem, therefore, I will get the free upgrade to 1G later, in a few weeks' time, when the 1G modem is available.  When I received the contract, I noticed it only stated M600 speed, not 1G.  So I called them back and complained.  I was assured that I will get the free upgrade to 1G as soon as the modem is available in a few weeks' time.  I was told 'you are paying the most expensive package, don't worry, you will get the free upgrade soon'.  I said 'where is the proof?', I was told, 'don't worry, it's all in the notes'.

After waiting for a few months, still no free upgrade.  So I rang Virgin Media today.  I was shocked to learn that if I want to upgrade to 1G, I will need to pay extra.  I explained this was promised to me that I will get the free 1G upgrade when the modem is available, go and check the notes.  They said, 'I can see the notes says you can get a free 1G modem, but I can't send you the new modem until you pay to upgrade to the 1G package!'  - What's the point to have a 1G modem without the speed that comes with it.  This is just ridiculous.  As I was clearly told I meant to get the 1G package with the 1G modem, but they couldn't sign me up to the 1G package due to supply chain issue.  I trusted them that the agreement is 'in the notes'.  But now, they are saying different things, completely breaking their promise and trust. 

Has anyone experienced the same issue?  If yes, did you get this resolved?  And how?


No one has contacted me yet.  You are right, I should get the hub 4 modem and get a free upgrade to 1G as promised.  I just don't want to call them back again as I know that would just make me angry and have a silly argument.  I made an official complaint 4 weeks ago but I have heard nothing back.

Ok I've flagged you for a moderator, hopefully someone does soon. Also apparently the Hub 5 can get the Gig1 activated, so no longer requiring a Hub 4 for activation. Obviously if your still on the Hub 3 you will need a Hub4 or 5. Fingers crossed for you mate, really hope it gets sorted for you ASAP.

Thank you for helping me out!  I hope this will be sorted soon.  I will let you know.

Joining in

I wish i had read this, because it appears they have done it again. Paid for the Ultimate Volt bundle but was told it will state M600 on the contract due to the 1GB issue. Found out online that the 1GB issue is resolved so called VM to request what was promised and have been told they cannot honour it and would have to pay to go from M600 to 1GB. Tried to resolve on the phone and the customer service agent (lyn from the retention team) told me she will have to request the original phone call to confirm what i was told and thet there was nothing more she could do. She then hung up on me. 

I am surprised they are still doing this.  They told me it was a supply chain issue as they couldn't get the modem.  That was a long time ago.  Now, what's their excuse?  I learned a lesson and will never trust Virgin Media customer service again.  I gave up ages ago and just kept the 600M.  When my contract expires, I will definitely look for other options.

Oh no, i was genuinely hoping that you had yours sorted! sorry to hear that. I will try to escalate this as its not right, but no doubt it my be time wasted if they dont budge. Poor Customer service as my contract even states "you bought: Uiltimate volt bundle" and they are not honouring what i was told.