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M250 wifi max, or m200

Tuning in

Hi there had a change and speed boost to my contract. Changes say we've removed m125 package, and replaced it with. M250 wifi max package. 

But looking in my account it says Broadband 200. 

Can anybody clarify this for me. Thanks in advance. Have a lovely day 


Thanks for your help so far. 

It is a volt package, I have a o2 sim and already have 1 pod for back bedroom. 

Only tested over WiFi. But don't get to 200 mb in any room, which would make me think its not WiFi max, even though it says it in my pdf contract. Ile wait for more help. Cheers anyways. 

Alessandro Volta

The speeds are measured with a wired connection to the hub, not wireless.

I understand that. But on the m125 WiFi max package I received 131 over wireless in all rooms but back bedroom. 

Would of expected volt m250 wifi max to produce 250mb also. Reason I suspect package is m200 not WiFi max even though ime on a volt package. 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi Paul,

I've moved your thread from the natter forum and merged it with this one in the volt forum as it's regarding the same issue. The forum staff don't tend to frequent the natter forums.

When was the last time you rebooted the VM hub? It's possible that the update hasn't been picked up by the hub yet and this may force it  through.

Open a web browser and type in or if you are still using your own router type in

then click on check router status which is just below the password box (you don't need to log in) 

On the screen that opens click on the Configuration tab, and post back the Max Traffic Rate in the Primary Downstream Service Flow as shown by the xxxx's in the screen shot below. This will confirm the speed you are on, as it's possible VM haven't pushed the config file  through. Please update this thread with the figures shown there.

check speedcheck speed

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It says. = 287500061

Thank you for your help so far. 

Off to work now. Have a nice day all. 

Alessandro Volta

That is 287 Mbps maximum so your M250 speed has been configured by the look of it. VM's speed ranges are here

so you need to check with a wired connection (e.g. a laptop or computer with a gigabit network card plugged into the hub with an ethernet cable) and see what speed you are actually getting via wired.

If the speed you are getting on wifi is 131 Mbps both on the M125 service and the M250 service, that could also possibly be the max limit of the wifi device you are testing with or some other wireless-related issue. What is the wifi spec of the device you are testing with?

Ime testing on my Huawei p30 phone, with various apps, virgin app being one of them. How can you tell the difference between WiFi max and ordinary m200. Thanks again

Alessandro Volta

Wifi max is nothing to do with wifi speed to your device.

It is VM's marketing terminology for its 'speed guarantee' backed up by the offer of VM's pods if required (which are free for upto 3 of them if you are on a Volt package or 1Gbps connection)

Your P30 phone seems to be dual band a/b/g/n/ac specification .

You have said your hub is in modem mode. What wireless router are you using and what are its capabilities?

Log into your router and check what frequency band the phone is connecting to 2.4 GHz or 5GHz. The 5GHz should offer the posibility of greater speeds but maybe lesser coverage and the 2.4GHz band maybe lesser speeds but better coverage.

Tuning in

Hi there the router is a duel band azuz grog. All my appliances are connected via 5ghz.ok it would seem I must be getting the 250 mb. Thank you. 

Alessandro Volta

With your P30 phone and that Asus router, I would have expected you would get better than 130 Mbps. It is also interesting that you maxed out at 130 Mbps when you were on the slower M125 speed and also on the M250 service. That could be something on your network is limiting the speed rather than the VM connection. You need to test your speed with a wired connection to your Asus router to see what speed you get wired. I seem to recall maybe some past topics about built-in traffic management on Asus routers which had some adverse effects on speed.

Once you have confirmed your wired speed is good at 250 Mbps, to find out if there is any more you can do to fine tune your wireless settings you could post a new topic about that on the 'Networking and Wifi' forums where there are some tech experts who may be able to suggest further tests and modifications to try.