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M250 wifi max, or m200

Tuning in

Hi there had a change and speed boost to my contract. Changes say we've removed m125 package, and replaced it with. M250 wifi max package. 

But looking in my account it says Broadband 200. 

Can anybody clarify this for me. Thanks in advance. Have a lovely day 


Tuning in


Tuning in

Hi I've just made some changes to my account. 

Contract says we've removed broadband volt m125.

And replaced it with WiFi max volt m250. 

But on my account it says Broadband = m200. 

Does this mean ime not getting wot ime paying for. Thanks for listening. 

Alessandro Volta

What does a speed test give you using a wired connection to the VM hub?

If you log in to the VM hub and access the 'Configuration' tab, what does 'Max Traffic Rate in the Primary Downstream Service Flow' show. See this example with a similar query at the bottom of the page

My hub 3 is in modem mode. 

Question is, is volt m250 a better package than m200. If so I'm missing out, on wot my contract says ime paying for. Thanks

Alessandro Volta

You can access the hub in modem mode via (I presume the connection info will still be there)

You can see the M250 Volt package here

The M200 is just a simple 200 Mbps broadband connection

The M250 Volt is a 250 Mbps connection speed and includes an O2 SIM and the WiFi max guarantee (amongst other things)

If you were on the M125 Volt before, have you still got all the other Volt features of the WiFi Max Volt M250 inc. the speed increase to 250 Mbps?

Info displayed in 'My Virgin Media' can often be often wrong so check your speed as described above and check all the details in your contract and make sure it is what you are expecting/getting.

So who would I speak to about amending it to the m250 package it says it should be. Cheers 


don't think ime getting the 250 WiFi max it says in my contract.

I was getting 131mb on the m125 package. Thank you


that's wot it says in the contract. But in my virgin media says m200.

Don't think ime getting the 250 or WiFi mac

Alessandro Volta

Wifi Max is VM's speed guarantee and the offer of VM's pods if you are on Volt to improve wifi coverage

Your images won't appear until they are moderated which will be tomorrow.

Wait until the VM forum team reply within a few days and they can look into your package issues for you.