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Lied ro about Upgrade to new contract!!!!!

On our wavelength

Hi so I have just upgraded to new contract as existing one was about to end but after reviewing all the details it turns out not every detail was clearly explained to me by VM sales guy.

Very nasty selling practice by VM that should be looked into by TS.


To the point.. 

The bundle offered to me verbally on the phone (call was recorded so can be chcecked by VM)  was meant tobe:

- Same 1Gig broadband

- Some TV package with 360 box and Im pretty sure over 230 channels. 

- Weekend Landline calling (not relly bothered about this as not intend to use anyway)

- O2 Sim with 100Gb data and all other bits unlimited - fitted nicely as my Vodafone deal came to the end so all in all taking this bundle saves me a lot of money per month but only if O2 card comes with 100Gb.

- Plus Hub 5

The bundle meant to be  for £71 per month compare with my old 1Gig broadband only for £62.

Now what I actually got (realised that after the fact and after 4 hours of chatting to VM yesterday) is very different.

The email from VM states this:

Your new package now includes:
TV: Mixit TV - Virgin TV 360 box
Broadband: WiFi Pod 1 - WiFi Guarantee with WiFi Max - Volt Gig1 Fibre Broadband
Phone: Telephone Line Rental - Weekend chatter
We've removed:
Broadband: Gig1 Fibre Broadband - WiFi Pod 1 - WiFi Guarantee with WiFi Max


Now what I actually got (realised that after the fact and after 4 hours of chatting to VM yesterday) is very different.

I will start from O2. I received an email from O2 asking to create the account by clicking in a link. I done it and I was vwry suprised when I saw 10Gb data alowance there. In actual fact, after talking to O2 rep it was confirmed that I only got 5Gb ehich was volt boosted to 10GB (doubled) He spend 40m on call trying to work it out and at the end confirmed that this was the package ordered by VM rep and I belueve him - to prove the point below is the copy of the text feom O2 email which landed seconds after agreing to uograde with VM sales man (Im guessing that triggered the checkout in O2 basket hence I received the email)

Your order details
Item(s) ordered: 2 Standard Delivery £0.00
        1 Volt O2 Sim Only 5GB £10 £0.00
        Order number: ms-322576342
VAT Included: £0.00
Total: £0.00

So clearly wrong staff was ordered. Now according to O2 rep I can cancell this card or talk to VM about this issue. I decided to talk to VM as I done the deal with them. O2 rep also confirmed there is no such package available in O2 for thie quoted by VM price. 

During my call to VM which took about 40m Ivwas told hahaha that I have to cancel the card myself but nobody explaines what happens to my VM package... I initially thought nothing should happen as I was and will still be on highest available broadband product. It turns out that there is a massive difference as according to chat advisor  (whom I spoke to for over 3h yesterday) I was moved to M500 volted to 1Gig.

At no point during my uograde call I was made aware of this poor move. Im not interested in M500 boosted as knowing VM the quality of connection which is garbage already anyway will reduce even more. Plus given that O2 card is totaly wrong and I will need to cancell it - Im exposing myself to be downgraded down to M500 haha

On too of that I wad told that there is now Hub5 being offered to me in this deal... Wait what? I ended the chat, grabbed the phone and hello... Another hour spent on trying to solve this crap. Eventually I was able to talk to the guy who at the begining liturelly started laughing at what I was saying... After 2 long On Hold periods with him I finally heard that Hub5 will be sent to me too. Sms confirmation landed last night so ok. 

Can I ask VM support (Somebody who actually has good english) to explain this to me.

1. Once I cancel my 02 card with 02 - will I be downgraded to M500?

2. Why wasnt the change of broadband product explained to me on the call?

3. Why have you mis sold the product (O2 100Gb and point 2 above)? Please listen to the call with your sales guy!!! 

4. What is the difference between 1Gig broadband only and Volt 1Gig (ehichcaccording to your guys is M500 boosted to 1Gig) as something tells me the speeds will be lower post upgrade 








Alessandro Volta

If you are concerned about sales practices, you need to speak to Citizens Advice, and ask them for guidance, and if there's an appearance of mis-selling, then you can ask them to refer the matter to Trading Standards.  These days, Citizens Advice are the "front door" for Trading Standards.

Of course I will contact them but want some answers from VM before I actually do..

Unless you go to Retentions, all you’ll get is the runaround. The VM bods on this Forum can’t help you with a contract dispute.

Keep us posted.

Seph - ( DEFROCKED - My advice is at your risk)