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Late installtion , false promises and worse customer services

Joining in

Hi , 

I am writing to share my experience with Virgin media and to advise others to learn and stay away from them if you don't want to loose your sanity. 

The sale agent was really good and give me a really good deal. (Volt) with lots of goodies. 

He said engineers will be over and we can install in as little as in one week.  I had my contract with sky till 29th of August 2023. To stay on safe side I booked the installation on 12th of August 2023. 

The engineer arrived and told me that your cable is damaged so underground team needs to come out to fix it. He went away and I receive a message about next booking , underground team arrived on 16th and told me they have run the cable and left it next to the green box , there is a shrine on box and we will not touch it. However the engineer will come back on 30th to turn services on will connect it with green box. 

The engineer turned out on 30th and straight away he said to me the underground team has left the cable 15 meters away from the box and I can't do anything. 

I work from home 3 days. Panicking I called virgin media , and mu journey of insanity starts. They said we will book the team but can't give you any date. I requested to speak with a manager. First the agent was not willing to do it. But eventually said okay (I suspect she transferrd me to sme level 1 colleague who pretent to be manager) I asked his name and he says my name is voltaim.  I asked him can you please spell so I can write he says its same as Russian president. Anyways this is on 30th August he promised that underground team will come on Saturday I.e. 1st of September and same day other team will also come and by weekend we will turn your services on. 

As soon as I come off from the phone I receive a message that your appointment is scheduled for 15th of September. Again panicking I called again they put me on hold and drop the call , call again put me on hold , complete silence for 25 min then I cut the phone. 

On 31st August I called again , lady on the phone sir I assure you work is schdules on your property for tomorrow I.e. 1st of September. OK. Next day on Saturday 1st a guy turned up and said I am only here to do survey no work , I told him the story he called his manager and they said well system says installation date us 15th of September other team will come and do its job we can't do anything. Called again to customer services ( with regret I was little rude out of frustration) but the lady said no some one else is coming today , I  can see on my side its booked in for today,  waited at home all day till 6 no one came called again put me on hold and then drop the call. Till this time I understood they are bunch of liars , false promises , and no one tells you the true story. I explained them every time that I work from home , my home heating is also commented with Internet. But they just don't care. Called again on in following week asked for update  the lady say we can't give you any date however we will install your services by the 15th date given to you. I asked her to send me a dongle so I can keep working se refused said nothing is available smd she can't help. What else you can do. I am using my mobile Internet since 30th August . I have kids who play YouTube,  watch movies and play games. It's  costing me alot. Virgin is not loosing anything its me who is suffering. Today 11th of September I receive a text , saying we have reschedule your installation to 30th September . No reasons given. I called again the lady on said outside work is done on 2nd I asked her then why its taking so long upon checking it will be dome on 30th. I said to her give me a date when engineer will come But she was not giving me any straight answers despite asking her what is the reason of rescheduling 10 times I had no answers , she only said my side is showing this and that. Frustrated asked her can I speak to supervisor or manager , she pit me on hold at 7.23pm. Call center closed at 8. I was on hold till 8 and then call dropped as there was no one to answer it. 

I also asked complaint number , never given one agent said I'll forward your call . Pit me on hold long silence of 30 min I dropped the call . Also sent an email on the address provided on website about week a ago. Didn't receive a reply yet. 

I just want to say thank you Virgin , you win I loose

 Never in my life I have come across such u bad / lying customer services. I have used virgin in past but this time is the worst experience ever. 

I hope some one from Virgin (onshore uk office) take notice and may be some one else don't have to go through this 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey frazahmad1984,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your installation, this is far from the experience that any customers should be having with us.  I would be happy to take a further look into this for you but first I would need to confirm a few details via private message, please look out for my message and we can get started.
Kind Regards,