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Is this doable whilst i'm on my 56 mbps package? Regarding going to 500mb, supercharge to 1gbps?

On our wavelength

I upgraded to 1gbps from 56mbps, but i'm within my 14 days thing, can I downgrade to 500mb, then supercharge to 1gbps to save money?

And yes, I would leave, because it's too expensive, and was considering the cheaper BT. I just wondered if I could use the hub 5 that has no dodgy puma chipset, for cheaper. Otherwise I'd use BT. I can't be doing with modem mode, as i see issues are still still in modem mode and I don't like another thing in the chain unnecessarily. 

Thank you.



What is described sounds fraught with danger, the sequence of offers may vanish before your eyes as you try to hold the offshore VM Sales Team to a load of non contractual marketing material.

Perhaps read about the Hub 5, in Router mode it is not a best buy.