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Installation Delay

Joining in

What a start to my Virgin Media life. Ordered the 1Gig Volt bundle on the 18/10/22, all set up and ready to go live on the 05/11/22 (my move in date). 6 days before its due I get told its delayed and the new installation date is the 15th of DECEMBER. Yes that's correct, just like that, a 45 day delay.

The funny part is the next 2 neighbours on the joining property both have it installed and have moved in just 2 weeks prior to myself. They're telling me to just use my phone data as a hotspot, not sure how they have the cheek.

I am now told its an external job that requires authorisation due to it being out of their normal 'budget' for an external job, unsure why this is required if the other houses have it already. There customer service help is non existent and you get a different answer every time you give them a ring. Got promised a call back about a good will gesture Dongle, never got it.

Now I'm out of pocket, can't work from home, and have to wait over 45 days for something that could get delayed further (and probably will), what a fantastic start. Virgin Media living up to the expectation set by other customer's experiences.