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Incorrect bill charge

Tuning in


I was on the ultimate oomph bundle paying 74 pounds a month. I gave them 30 days notices to cancel so I thought I wouldn't be penalised upon disconnection.

Account number is [REMOVED]

And I have already disconnected. How can my final bill be 143.50 pounds.


This must be a mistake surely? I'm guessing it just says this assuming I stayed on but didn't 

Will I be refunded this or actually be charged?





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Alessandro Volta

That monthy price suggests you were on an introductory contract. Had you completed the fixed period?

Yes it was an offer price. I gave my notice 30 days in advance.


I have already disconnected now so how comes my bill is so high? 

If you want to dispote the charge you will have to do so with Customer Service on the phone.  If you're not happy with that you will have to raise a formal complaint.

It's quite irrelevant whether you used the service.

OK will call tomorrow but I was just looking for confirmation that this must be a mistake 

I disconnected on the exact end date of my contract so I'm confused why the final bill would be any different? 

When you join Virgin you signed up for a contract that was 18 months I think so have you done the full contract ??


Sorry I'm bad didn't read it all. Yes it does sound strange your final bill is that amount but did you give 30 days notice 30 days before the contract ended otherwise I'm not sure if it goes to a rolling contract or your deal price of £74 ends and the full and correct price is put in place.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @happytre3frendz 

Sorry you are not happy with your bill.

Have you actually received your final bill yet?

Hopefully this will shed some light on how the final billing works.

When you cancel by  giving the 30 days notice period your are billed up until the date of disconnection. In this time if another bill has been produced before your disconnection date it will show that your are going to be charged for the month going forward (including the full pricing if your discount has ended during that billing period). 

Once your disconnection goes through any advance charges on your account will be refunded back to you and you will receive a final revised bill with the correct amount owed.

If you are left with any credits on your account after the disconnection of your services you will be sent a cheque refund around 40 to 45 days after disconnection.

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Yes this is what I was told.