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Hub 5

Tuning in

Can I get Virgin media hub 5 in Plymouth uk as a advisor told me when I asked to upgrade that they weren't available yet because of the network in my area  


Fibre optic

Hub 5 are only available for 1 gig and 1 Gigi’s availability everywhere the only time they don’t make 1 gig available is that there is low stock on the hub 5 or 4 once the stock issue is at a certain level 1 gig will become available Black Friday demand more likely depleted the stock levels

So basically, the OP was lied to, yes?

Stock issue maybe "ironing out bugs" as this router is a rebranded Sagecom which is used for fibre customers in europe and has good reviews so i wonder to save money they got the insides but the firmware is old and buggy for UK, and they need to pay the makers to optimise it.  

Hi, thanks for your answer I already have the ultimate volt bundle with gig 1 but the advisor said I was eligible but not available in the Plymouth area yet 

hi, I think you may be right as I didn't at the time understand why my area in Plymouth would be ineligible when I already have gig 1 with hub 4 but the wifi is terrible as these new build flats have metal braid  in the walls as a fire break