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How to activate netflix

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I have the Volt bundle, and I'm trying to activate my netflix but when I got to log in it wants me to set up a payment. How do I go about activating this when it's part of my bundle?


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Have fun ! reading through some of the thousands of posts on the subject over the last eight months.

It is a monumnental **bleep** up..

You have to wait for an email with a link , that wait could be anything from a few days to a few months ....

Fibre optic

Have you login to and logged in , click on entertainment services u then will see netflix and you click on the activate now.  If you don’t see the activate now u would have to contact vm

I guess that explains why it's been a few months since I changed to the volt package and still haven't received an email then. I'll keep on waiting and hoping I suppose.

Yeah tried that, actually says it's active, but clearly it isn't as when I try to log in it's asking to set up payment. Tried phoning VM and I can't seem to actually be put through to anyone. Its all very frustrating!

Thanks for coming back to us @Est1310, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear of the issues with activating the Netflix account.

Can you please confirm if you're using the same E-Mail address for the Netflix account, to the one you used when signing up for our services?

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I am using the same email address yes. Other than the email confirming the change over to the new bundle which included netflix, I haven't received any activation email that other people have mentioned.

Hello Est1310,

Thanks for replying.

Have you also checked your online account for the Netflix option?


My online account says netflix is active, however as I've said previously when trying to then log in asks for payment details I'm order to start a subscription. I've attached a screenshot of what my account shows for the netflix option. If I click manage netflix it just gives me the iption to upgrade from standard to premium.


Thanks for coming back to us Est1310, we have been sending out emails today with updates on the issue, have you had any emails from the team today with an update?

Kind Regards,