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How long for Volt benefits to start

Joining in

Hiya, just wanting to see if anyone else has got an o2 contract after getting Virgin broadband and how long roughly it took them to get the broadband increase or how long it took to show up on your o2/virgin account.

I only got my o2 contract last week but wanting to see how long would be good to wait before bothering o2 or virgin support about it lol


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Sklepp, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community.

If you are waiting on your volt benefits this can take up to 14 days to be added, have you activated it here yet? Cheers

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Thanks for the reply Matthew, when I try to activate them I get a page which says they're either already activated or I can't get the benefits at my address, and it's said that for longer than the 14 days now.

I did get the Virgin contract around the same time as the O2 one so maybe that's where it messed up but I don't know lol

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey @sklepp,

They are usually activated after 14 days, can you confirm if your address match on both accounts exactly, this should then prompt the 2 to sync up and notify the systems to activate your benefits.