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How can I get a hub 5 to maximise my 1 GB connection

On our wavelength

I am consistently only getting 700-800 Mbps down 

Will the hub 5 fix this and let me have 900-1000Mbps ?

Is Wifi 6 with this device ?

How can I get one ?



@thebigstc wrote:

I am consistently only getting 700-800 Mbps down 

On what device and how is it connected, WiFi or wired Ethernet?

Will the hub 5 fix this and let me have 900-1000Mbps ?

Maybe, maybe not, depending on what devices you have and how they connect, see above.

Is Wifi 6 with this device ?

Yes it is!

How can I get one ?

Ah now, therein is an issue. The hub 5 has only just come out of testing and now on a sort of general release. This is something which seems not to necessarily have made its way to the customer services team so if you may well get the old ‘you need to be on a trial to get one’ story. Based on other posters’ testimony you might be able to call up and ask for one (possibly with a £35 fee for doing so), you might be told they are out of stock until December, or they are only available to new customers so tough! You might just need to be a bit persistent and keep calling until you get a result you like.


I spoke to them via WhatsApp yesterday to chase my volt speed upgrade to Gig1 and I've got a Hub5 supposedly coming out on Weds. 

On our wavelength

I am working on I5 PC with CAT 5 cable to router 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey thebigstc, thanks for posting on our help forum.

Sorry to hear of this download speed issue you've been experiencing, please be advised our estimated average speeds on a 1Gig fibre connection are expected to be up to 1130Mbs and we can guarantee a minimum speed of 565MB for download based on this package.
You may view our speeds explained page for more info on our speeds / broadband packages should you wish.

You could also try some suggested fixes you find on the page above, please let us know what type of hub you currently have - hub 3.0 or hub 4.0?
If one you have a hub 4 already, a hub 5 will not be needed in case of replacement as the hub 4 is compatible with 1Gig speeds.

Lastly, if you believe you are not getting as much speed as you'd like we can run a few speed tests and see if any issues with your performance occur.

From our checks performed so far we wish to explain you may have been affected by a short term issue in your area. 
We'd like to confirm we have now detected and reported this to the network team and expect to be resolved shortly (probably throughout the day).
Our best advice with this matter would be to kindly wait till tomorrow and check your speeds then so we know the area fault has cleared.

Please, visit this link to get the advice on how to run a few tests on your BB speeds, so we can identify if there's an issue with the service:
you will need to test the speeds over a wired connection (cat 5 is perfect for this) - one on router mode, one on modem and one on safe mode on a pc / laptop browser.

Once you've done this let us know of the down speeds reported there and we'll be able to advise further on any potential issues with your service received and performance based on this feedback.


Forum Team

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It's on general release for order as an upgrade now, with delivery dates starting October 4th until well into December.


Not sure if this has been publicised yet!


False hope, and too good to be true. So what if I've upgraded to a Hub 4 within the last 12 months?



We know you’re expecting a Hub 5, but we’re sorry to say that some of your account features won’t work with this Hub quite yet. This could be because you’ve just upgraded to Hub 4, you’ve got WiFi Pods or your order needs to be installed by a technician instead of installing it yourself with QuickStart.


Unfortunately, that means we’ve had to cancel the order. We’re really sorry about that. You don’t need to do anything, just carry on using your current Hub as usual.


We’ll be making Hub 5 more widely available in 2022 - and don’t worry, we’ll let you know as soon as it’s compatible with your account.



Kind regards,

The Virgin Media team 


On our wavelength

It will be the wifi extenders


>Ultimate Volt 1gig - Hub 4 w/ 2x Virgin 360 V6 boxes.

I haven't got WiFi Pods though. 

I've yet to get a 2.5 Gig Network card, and don't want a USB adapter, so I'll just have to wait until next year.


I certainly don't require a manned install. I've self installed going back to the old modems that preceded the hubs.



They are trying to leave HUB4 people stuck on a HUB4 by looks of it with claims peddled that its fit for 1gbps. It isn't. It has no > 1gbps ports on it or Wifi AX standard. It can only "share" gbps coming in across devices. This is despite original press release saying existing customers would get it first and no extra cost. Even "flags" on your account during retentions deal have turned out to be fictional. People on much lower tiers have been given a HUB5 and new customers or customers upgrading to 1gbps now. Stuff anyone else already on 1gbps is their attitude...