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How Does Volt Pricing Appear on Contract - VM Partners site

I hope someone can clarify please. I am considering a new Virgin Media package, as recommended by a friend on the VMPartners site. I went through the ordering process, which is £54.50 for Bigger Volt M1000 including £25 per month for an O2 sim. It also shows a £35 welcome gift for free installation.

However, the Virgin Media Contract Information Sheet showed an initial monthly cost of £54.50, monthly payment from month 19 is £122 - shouldn't it show the £54.50-£25, so £29.50, as it also has a separate contract for £25 payment monthly to O2? It shows one off charges of £35 but no mention of the £35 welcome gift to cancel out the install cost. Does this get resolved later in the process? I abandoned the order as I didn't want to sign up for £54.50 to VM plus £25 to O2, and no mention of the £35 to cover the install.

The O2 contract summary also shows a price rise will be applied in April 2023, despite the install date not being until April. At what date can you order without being immediately faced with a price rise please?

Thank you

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Re: How Does Volt Pricing Appear on Contract - VM Partners site

Hi MrB999,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, we are sorry to see there is some confusion around the package you were looking at Via our Partner site, all Volt deals will show the price for your Virgin Media with a separate price for the Sim, do you have a link for the offer so we can have a look at this for you?



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