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Hi waiting for a reply

Tuning in

Asked 2 days ago why O2 has applied my volt boosts .But Virgin has not increased my broadband speed has promised ????



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi, BigT2443.
Thanks for taking the time to post about Volt and welcome to our community, glad to have you on board and to see your first posts here. 🙂

Sorry to hear your Volt benefits and speed boost have not yet applied to the VM services although O2 has activated them for you, we'd love to best help with this.

To confirm more, could you please tell us how long it's been since you applied the Volt data boost on MyO2 and has it been 2 weeks since those became active there?

It would normally take 14 days for our team to receive and fully process such a request once the Volt benefits have been switched on for O2 mobile, let us know if this helps and if you still need support with this matter.

Forum Team

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Hi I have had update and my contract shows my boost has been applied .But not showing on app

And speed not showing on hub 4

Do I av 2 reboot speed to increase ?


Hi BigT2443,

What speeds should it have now been boosted to? 

I'd recommend running a SamKnows speed test from a PC or laptop, as you'll be able to see the speeds being received at the Hub. Some speed will always be lost when running a speed test over a wireless connection due to wireless interference. You shouldn't have to reboot the Hub, but if you haven't since the speeds have been boosted, I'd recommend doing so.

Keep us posted.