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Great VM staff customer service

Joining in

I know that everyone criticizes Virgin Media for its support but I want to highlight one person who breaks that mould: Jamie Hewitt from the Plymouth office. This guys needs a pat on the back for outstanding customer focus.

I had experienced various issues previously when trying to upgrade to the Volt package. I spent time on a call with Jamie today and he was like a breath of fresh air. He worked methodically to resolve everything and he even managed to throw in a goodwill credit on my account because of the hassle that I had gone through. Great work.


Alessandro Volta

Out of polite curiosity, what Plymouth office?


Jamie said that he was in Plymouth, UK. It was a call centre as I could hear other voices in the background.

Alessandro Volta

He'll be with Sitel.  They're a contract call centre outfit who took over VM's retentions activity last year.  Good to hear that you had an excellent experience.  Whether use of the Plymouth site is a long term thing who knows, it may just be surge capacity that Sitel are providing because of the large number of calls generated by the price hike.

It would be nice to think perhaps VM would bring back all customer support from the armpit of the world and have it provided by Sitel in the UK, but I can't see that happening this century.