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Ok so I have oooph bundle costing me £79 a month. I’m due to upgrade so I look online and see a deal for £85 with a free tv or bill credit. So I call to ask, and am told it’s new customer only .. but I can have the deal for £99 without the gift, then I call back 30 mins later to be told the best deal is £127, then I call again and get told £89 . For £90 a month I can get sky with a free tv granted the internet is slower but I had about 2 months at the beginning with internet that didn’t someone is calling me back later to see if I’m happy to accept deal.. if I ask to cancel will I be allowed to change mind within the 30days if they don’t contact with a better deal.. I don’t mind paying the £89 what is £10 more a month if I got the free tv. What shall I do people thanks 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Howard48 

You won't get the new customer deal with the free TV or gift vouchers. You will have already received a new customer deal when you first signed up

If you are very, very lucky (you have as much chance of winning the lottery) you may get the new customer price, so if that's offered grab it there and then.

VM's  actual prices can vary on a call to call basis and also on a day to day basis, if you are happy with the price quoted then accept it as it may not be available again.  You have a 14 day distance selling window should you change your mind and wish to reject that offer and go back to your original pricing and package. However if you aren't happy with the initial discounted price offered then phone again.

If you do place a cancellation request you can still change your mind before the cut off date, however you would need to renegotiate a new deal or pay the full price

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It is frustrating isnt it. I was on the Ultimate Ooomph bundle - Gig1, full TV package and Virgin/Vodafone. Due for renewal in october where my £10 discount would expire and I would be paying £111pm.

As I had been having issues with reception with Virgin/Vodafone I thought I would take a punt at Virgin/O2 as part of the Volt package.

Rang Virgin CS - first call, sorry you cant have the deal, 2nd one similar but I persevered and third time I was offered Volt at £85pm PLUS the O2 contract at £25pm. Seeing as that would include Netflix (CS said) I decided to switch. No issues with broadband or TV package or indeed O2 (although in my work area reception is a rubbish as Vodafone) bgut it took me 3 montsh to sort out Netflix, Virgin adamantly telling me it is NOT included. It appears the only resolution was to issue me a recurring credit to cover the cost of Netflix.

But why I feel like a complete mug, and I thought I was astute, is that I am now paying £110 for it all yet it is clearly advertised, with no reference I could see to new customers only, that the package was £85 (Broadband, TV AND O2).

I too looked at BT and Sky and it didnt work out any cheaper and it was 55mbps rather than 1gig. But i do feel I have been 'had' and it leaves a sour taste especially as some on here have posted that they have got it for £85 after switching from Oomph to Volt. .And I do understand 'exisiting' customers might not necessarily get the enticing 'freebies' (not that I remember getting anything when I signe dup a few years ago) but I certainly feel ripped off..

What makes it worse is my tv is broken and keeps going blank on the screen so was hoping they would allow that deal. I did get a credit at beginning of contract was supposed to be £200 but I only got £100 when I called they said they would only give £100 take it or leave it. I was desperate for internet. 

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So they rang me back and I refused the deal. So now will be looking somewhere else. I’m not paying that price just for tv package unless it worth it.