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Downgrade (almost leave) - Volt boost on BB?

On our wavelength

Currently on the Ultimate Oomph package (2x Tivo, BB, landline) but contract ends early December and we are planning to downgrade massively - looking to retain 1Gb BB but lose television and landline entirely.

Q1 - if my contract ends, say, 8 December, when can I phone to get the new package sorted?

Q2 - I've a personal O2 account which is already Volt boosted. Would that enable me to select an M500 BB-only deal and get this doubled to 1Gb? 

Yes I realise that the 1Gb BB deal is currently discounted to £30 but that's only for the first 6/24 months, whereas the M500 deal is £44 for 18 months. I'm not likely to drop O2 for my own phone so it would be boosted for the duration of the contract.

Thank you VM Community, you've never let me down with responses in the past 🙂


Up to speed

Mine runs out in Nov 23rd, would like to hear how people are going on with the new contracts. My problem is I do not want a landline, want to reduce my mobile phone tarif and i want to retain the Sports channels SKY SPORTS and TNT. I would start negotiations on Live Chat as ringing them is a nightmare and a lottery 8 weeks prior to end of contract