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Do I need to use the O2 sim?

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Hi all,

I upgraded my Virgin contact just before Christmas and as part of the new deal I was told I'd be sent a new O2 sim to replace my existing Virgin Mobile SIM. That finally arrived today (presumably delayed due to Christmas and postal strikes). I was also told my bill would now be split so I'd have 2 direct debit payments. However ive not had any correspondence or bills or anything from O2 and the sim part of "My Virgin" app no longer mentions a sim.


My question is, do I actually have to activate the O2 sim? I was/still am happy with the new deal as it was cheaper than I had been paying but it's now split so that I'm supposed to be paying £25 to 02. Looking around i could get a sim from Smarty or GiffGaff that would give me what I need and that would only be £10 a month. 


Dialled in

I went through a similar process a few months ago.

My overall bill for TV/Broadband and Phone dropped significantly as long as I took an 18 month contract with O2 @ £25/month (VOLT package).  My then mobile contract cost £5/month and more than covered my needs, but overall the offer from VM seemed a good deal.

The O2 sim was already activated as I recall, I just registered with MyO2 and away I went.  I pay them through a DD I set up.  VM cant set this up themselves.

I ported my existing number across, and I'm happy that my overall bill came down by about £30/month

I think whether you use the O2 sim or not, you will still owe O2 £25/month.


Thanks for getting back to me, some very useful information in there too, appreciate it.

That's pretty much what I expected with the O2 sim, just saw a small chance of saving another £15 or so but knew it was a long shot! As I say I'm happy with the overall deal, the weighting or price split is a little strange but £85 a month is £85 a month regardless of how Virgin then split it up. 

Thanks again, and a very happy new year to you too.