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Damaged external cable

Workers from city fibre have been digging up local roads fpr new fibre cable in my area on the 2nd they damaged the virgin media cable outside my property and having a nightmare getting intouch with virgin to attend. By the time a virgin engineer attends the workers are going to be away how long am i likely to wait for virgin to agree to dig tge road uo again to repair this.

The workers told me they tried to call virgin but got told the customer had to phone which we did and eventually managed to arrange an enginner but not until next week

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Damaged external cable

log it as faulty for compensation - you will get £8odd a day les a few days - i can only refer you to my experience - it took 3 months and i had a direct line to the exec team who whilst helpful was not able to speed things up

you will still have to pay VM each month but the £8 a day should cover things - be prepared for tem to try and scam you out of what you are owed although i have to say i was pad the full amount quickly by cheque

look at other [short term] options - an unlimited 4g sim will cost you £20 a month from smarty or if you have 5g in the area then 3 have a BB deal dor £25 a month - both 30 day contracts

you can ring and you will be told its going to be sorted tomorrow because thats what the computer says - when that passes then its tomorrow etc etc

the contractors and VM dont communicate and no one knows anything - all you will get is lies and empty promises

so so out your backup - sit back and wait and then get the compensation - you may have to fight for that via arbitration but you will get it


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