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Connection issues

Tuning in

Good afternoon,

I have recently installed a new router as i updated my package to the 1 gig speeds and i have had nothing but problems.

Web pages taking much longer to load, games getting lag spikes, i cant run the diagnostics tool on the virgin website to troubleshoot the issue, and now it wont even let me reset my password as im getting Code: DEF01.

Could i be advised what to do next please as this is getting very frustrating now.




Tuning in

I also forgot to mention that my pc is connected via cat 6 ethernet cable.

Hello xmo0sie


Sorry to hear of the broadband issues experienced since changing hub, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums.


From checking the connection and equipment everything looks to be within the ranges and levels we'd expect to see, the download for the last week has averaged 1144mbs to the hub barring the 12th when there were issues. The upload is 52mbs with minor disconnections reported on the 7th and 9th February.


What speeds have you been getting via a wired speed test? Are the issues with the same sites? Is it specific games you get the lag spikes on? We have these tips available to help with broadband issues:



Hi, thank you for your response...

Its not the download speeds specifically, I am getting packet loss in games .. also all websites are taking literally a few seconds to load now when before they came up straight away...


Hi xmo0sie, 

Thank you for your reply, I am sorry you are having some packet loss while gaming 🎮. I know this can be frustrating. I have checked our systems and all looks fine, I can see there have been 3 dropouts between today and the 9th. I can see you have a lot of devices connected to WiFi, are you able to connect some via a wired connection?

I would advise setting up a 👉BQM to monitor this on your end to keep an eye on this. 

Please pop back if you are having issues still or with your graph results so we can see what is going on for you on your end of this.

Thank you,

Zoie 😊

Hi zoie,

i gave it a couple of days to see if the issue had rectified itself and it hasn't. I didnt get chance to set up a bqm so i will do that this evening.

The main issue is packet loss in games and the websites taking a few seconds to load as opposed to instantly...

again this has only been happening since the installation of my new volt router...

thanks for your time


hi again , just a quick update on the situation....

I have been on the phone to virgin this afternoon and hes told me he can see there is issues with the line and to do a pin reset which i did, the connection is unbareable today (cant even load a youtube video).

He told me to monitor the situation and let them know how things are in 10 days??..... on further inspection, everyone on my street who has virgin is having exactly the same problem... I need my internet for work i can;t let this carry on for another week when the problem is obviously within the lines...

Thanks again