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Completely off the gird

Joining in

Took the decision to move To Virgin several weeks, came home and nothing works... No internet, no broadband, no live tv, no phone line... Rang CS, they didn't believe all wasn't working .. going to take at least a week for technician to arrive no in/outgoing calls , my daily virtual work needs to move to someone else's house ... Frustratingly poor service and response... 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Walker8352, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums. I am sorry to hear that there is an issue with the service and this is not the experience which we want you to have with us. We would always aim to get an engineer out at the earliest possible time and you will be able to view, amend or cancel the booking via the online account. How is the service since posting? What colour are the lights on the hub? - Chris 

Hi Chris still awaiting engineer ...hopefully next Monday so off the grid for a whole 7 days the light on the hub is red, and the box that is situated outside is also red. It's knocked out the landline, broadband and live tv so in theory I'm paying for absolute nothing ..   

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks for this reply and for updating us, Walker8352.

We are sorry to hear of the issues faced with your service due to this area fault, please rest assured our engineers are working hard on resolving this as soon as they possibly can.

Please, also be advised when it comes to area outages that have an impact to your service, you are covered by our auto-compensation scheme and you may be entitled to a service loss credit if this is ongoing over 48 hours, please visit our page here for more on this policy.

In these cases, we'd need to wait for the issue to be resolved and once we've confirmed your service is up and running again our credit review kicks in and you don't need to chase things up at all. Any credits (once assessed and determined) would be reflected on your next bills to follow after the problem has been fixed.

Let us know if this info is of help ad if you have more questions regarding the above said, happy to advise more on this.

Forum Team

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