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Complete outstanding work order - anyone had this done to move forward a start date?


I originally posted this a couple of hours ago but someone decided to merge it with another thread of mine that was discussing the number of V6 boxes on a contract which as you can see is not even close to what we are discussing here. Incidentally it would be nice to be told when your threads are edited or merged, the first I knew was when I noticed it go missing!

Original thread content...

So last weekend I rang up to have Sky Sports UHD added and whilst I was speaking to a human I thought I would ask about making package changes to help offset the price increase.

I changed from Ultimate Oommmphh to Ultimate Volt with an O2 SIM. My package start date was the 31st March and I asked if they could change that to that very day (i.e. immediately) as I wanted the Sky Sports UHD for the F1 that weekend. I was told I could but that would cancel the Virgin Mobile SIM, my mobile would stop working and I would lose my number.

However, she said that when my O2 SIM arrived and I had ported the number across (when they added my O2 services they also forgot to put an automatic port request in for me) and I was happy that the my O2 services were working correctly with my old Virgin Mobile number, then I should ring up and ask for the "outstanding work to be completed on the contract" and then they could bring the start date forward.

So, my number port happened yesterday and I have rang up and have been told that by the lady I spoke to that she has never heard of this being done and it is not possible to move the start date forward. I am really annoyed because whilst I ain't too bothered about the broadband speed and Netflix I want Sky Sports UHD activated!

I kind of wish last weekend I'd just done what I intended to and just had the UHD pack added to my existing Ultimate Oommph and then perhaps left it a few days to contact them about re-contracting and changing packages.

I'm getting quite annoyed as it took 2 phone calls, 5 agents and over 2 hours of my time last weekend to get everything correct on the contract and now it appears I was told wrong information about bringing the date forward. Not very happy.

Services: Ultimate Volt 1Gb
Equipment: 3 x V6, Hub 5