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Change o2 Volt plan

After over a month of negotiating, I eventually got a deal I was satisfied with, which meant moving from the EE mobile to o2 on their unlimited plan. That was £25 / month.

Within less than 6 weeks, they'd already raised the price and I was finding the internet connection was nowhere near as good as EE, so I generally try to remain on WIFI. I also use WhatsApp for contacting people generally and don't call a lot... so I'm paying £27.something a month for an unlimited texts, calls and internet. Yet, I barely make any calls, send few SMS messages and avoid the mobile internet as it's too slow. I bought my phone out-right, so I should really be on a £10 / month SIM.

On the VM side, I feel like I get good value for money - all the sports, 2 tv boxes, 1Gig internet, etc. Does anyone know if it's possible to change the SIM down to something more appropriate without losing the Volt stuff (ie 1 Gig internet)? The o2 part was a 24 month contract, which seems a huge waste of money.

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Re: Change o2 Volt plan

Yes it is possible , I have done it !

When in your O2 account you see the option to "upgrade" there will be plans available at a lower price , it is ok to change to one of these without losing any Volt benefits.

Worked fine for me..

Ultimate Volt, 2 x TV360 boxes
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