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Change o2 Volt plan

Joining in

After over a month of negotiating, I eventually got a deal I was satisfied with, which meant moving from the EE mobile to o2 on their unlimited plan. That was £25 / month.

Within less than 6 weeks, they'd already raised the price and I was finding the internet connection was nowhere near as good as EE, so I generally try to remain on WIFI. I also use WhatsApp for contacting people generally and don't call a lot... so I'm paying £27.something a month for an unlimited texts, calls and internet. Yet, I barely make any calls, send few SMS messages and avoid the mobile internet as it's too slow. I bought my phone out-right, so I should really be on a £10 / month SIM.

On the VM side, I feel like I get good value for money - all the sports, 2 tv boxes, 1Gig internet, etc. Does anyone know if it's possible to change the SIM down to something more appropriate without losing the Volt stuff (ie 1 Gig internet)? The o2 part was a 24 month contract, which seems a huge waste of money.


Dialled in

There was quite a lot of talk about this exact matter about six months, or so, ago. The consensus of opinion then was that you couldn’t change your O2 sim, as it was part of the Volt package. I decided to push my luck and try it nonetheless. I rang up O2 and changed to the £15 per month, 30 gig sim. This then gets doubled, because you are on Volt, to 60 gig, which is more than enough for me. Only saves me a tenner a month, but I figure it’s better off in my pocket than theirs. I did this about 4 or 5 months ago, and haven’t had any issues, either from VM or 02 since.  
So, the short answer is, yes you can. Go for it…