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Cancelling Volt with O2 sim

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Received the 'We're changing our pricing terms' email recently and wasn't happy so using the option to cancel without paying any early cancelation fees, set out to cancel my contract.

I spent over 3 hours on the phone yesterday cancelling my Virgin Media contract and finally managed it.

Was told I had to call O2 to cancel my sim, so spent an hour on that today. 1st operator didn't understand what I was going on about, 2nd hung up and then I was cut off when I got to number 2 in the queue!

I purchased the Volt bundle through Virgin, and would like someone to take control of this and resolve the O2 issue.

I'll be keeping the number and already have the PAC code.

To quote the email:

What are my options now?
If you’re unhappy with anything in this email, you can cancel your package, including the O2 sim in your Volt bundle, any time before 31/10/2023 without paying any early cancellation fees.
To find out more, call us on 0345 454 1111 from any phone or 150 from your Virgin Media home phone.
Thanks for understanding and continuing to choose Virgin Media.

Talk soon,
The Virgin Media Team


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Update: Managed to get it cancelled via Virgin and choosing the O2 option.

Cancelation still showing early cancelation charge but have been told that this will be removed, time will tell.

Will update again, should this not be the case.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @broomiegal 

Thanks for updating the thread. It's good to hear that the O2 sim cancellation seems to have been processed now.

Yes, please do update the thread whether or not it works as this will help other customers in the same situation.

I don't work for Virgin Media.
I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge.
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Hi broomiegal,  I'm in the same boat, and have spent more hours then I care to mention trying to get this sorted.

When you say you managed via Virgin and selected the O2 option - what do you mean exactly?  Ringing the support number, I don't seem to have an O2 option....



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Hi @mattford63, just checked for you that this worked:

0345 454 1111

Option 1

Option 1

Option 2

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Great thanks,  I'm on the phone with someone from o2 as I type, but I didn't go that route  - I went option 2 first and Virgin Mobile transferred me across.  The current O2 person has no idea about not paying out the rest of the's a very painful conversation.

Better off going the route I mentioned. Make sure to read out the paragraph in the email that gets you off the early settlement charges.

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A complete failure to cancel the o2 contract - they O2 kept insisting I was liable to pay the remainder of the contract.  And that Virgin can't make these promises.

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What a tale of woe this is.  Here's a post I made earlier today on the o2 forum .  After trying again someone from Virgin transferred me to O2 again and O2 again refused to cancel the contract.  They also have a policy of not providing full names so I can't track who I've spoken to.    I tried one-more-time via your route and the call just cut off.

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I sent the following to O2 complaints....I wonder if anything will happen

Dear O2 Complaints,

I have tried over several long and painful conversations to cancel my O2 Volt Sim without charge (due to a change in contract terms).  All to no avail - the issue appears to be that no one in O2 knows about the attached email from Virgin.  Which says
If you’re unhappy with anything in this email, you can cancel your package, including the O2 sim in your Volt bundle, any time before 31/10/2023 without paying any early cancellation fees.
On Saturday, after an 80 minute wait I was put through to a very unhelpful O2 cancellation operator - who generated a PAC code for me but insisted I would be liable for 294 pounds in early exit charges.   There seemed to be no facility to send her the attached correspondence and nor was she willing to listen to what the email said.  Eventually the operator put me through to Customer Services, a lady called XXXXX, who asked me to email
Sudip has not responded so far - see below.  
Today I rang Virgin again, explained the situation and they transferred me directly to O2 cancellations (on the same call).  Only to find exactly the same problem - the operator insisting that I would be liable to pay the remainder of the contract.  What’s more the manager XXXXX (employee code XXXXXX) of the operator I was speaking with re-iterated the lack of facility to receive the forwarded email and give out last names.  I asked to make a complaint and was told to follow the procedures within the My O2 website.
I have tried ringing two more times via Virgin's support number which allows for the routing to 02. Both times I spoke to O2 agents who said my account was part of the 360 team support but in all cases failed to transfer.
It seems other people are experiencing this issue see
I also reached out via social media Twitter and Facebook - and no reply as yet - I’m not sure if these are manned or if the responses are just very slow.
The Virgin part of the cancellation has gone smoothly - from O2 I would like a PAC code and confirmation that I won’t be charged an early cancellation fee.
My O2 mobile number is XXXXXXX and the account number is XXXXXXXXXX.
Bigger picture it seems clear that there’s some teething problems between the Virgin and O2 integration - operators should probably have a process for these Volt cancellations as from the forums above it’s been going on for some time.
Kind regards,
Matt Ford