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Can’t receive calls AGAIN!!!!

Tuning in

After all the trouble I had when I switched to Virgin last year 😢 I’ve now been told by someone that tryed to call me two weeks ago that my landline isn’t receiving calls again!!! What can I do? I don’t know what? Customers call my landline and they hear a message saying this number is no longer in use!! 


Hi Payney1974 👋 welcome back to the thread! Thanks for getting back to us. 

Sorry to hear you are looking for another update. Just so we can best offer support can you please give us a little more info about what you need an update on?

Having had a quick check there are no outages or local issues listed for you at the moment - are you still having problems with your landline? 

Please let us know so we can offer some help! Thank you for your patience in the meantime, we appreciate these kinds of service issues can be frustrating!

All the best. 🌞


Tuning in

I still can’t receive calls after 7/8 weeks. You gave me a temporary number while you sort my number but that’s obviously not good enough for a permanent fix. 

Hey @payney1974,

Sorry to hear this is still ognoing for you, so that I can look into this and provide you the update you are looking for, I will need to take you in to quick private message so that I can review this for you.

If you have not used this function before you can access it via the envelope icon at the top of your screen.

Cheers. Joe