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Bundle with 02

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I was told my new bundle would be £91 including an o2 sim worth £25

I’ve just been charged £91 and o2 have taken an extra £25 out. Anyone else have the same problem? Not happy


Rising star

Seems to be a common problem VM are "forgetting" to apply a £25 discount to their part of the bill , you need to contact them!

Ultimate Volt, 2 x TV360 boxes

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi waynetwilliams

Thanks for posting - sorry to hear of this billing query.

I shall send you a PM now to assist further.


Forum Team

Need a helpful hand to show you how to make a payment? Check out our guide - How to pay my Virgin Media bill

Fibre optic

Were you an exisiting Virgin customer with the Ooomph package?

I was told by Virgin my bill was £85 + £25 for O2 if I switched from Ooomph to Volt. Stupidly I did it as I was hoping the O2 signal was better than the Vodafone rubbish and also I got Netflix. In reality I have been paying an extra £10.99 on top of the £85 for Netflix plus I have ditched my O2 sim and gone with EE (I am in a rural location and get 4-8mbps from O2 or Vodafone and 55-100mbps from EE)

So I am hoping I will the win mug of the year award on here.