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Broadband & O2 Package missold

Joining in

My 80+ year old father has his broadband & TV through Virginmedia for years. He spoke to someone at VM last week due to the fact it had gone up and came away very confused with a new package that was sold to him. It appears he has been transferred to VM VOLT and given a Sim card through O2 which he doesn't understand as he doesn't even own a mobile phone. 

He was not aware that he would be paying a separate monthly bill to O2 & all he wants is the same service he had before with broadband & TV.

Please advise if the O2 part of the contract can be not taken up or cancelled leaving the original package in place and who I have to speak to to arrange this.



Alessandro Volta

If you believe that there have been mis-selling practices (especially involving a vulnerable customer) then you really should speak to Citizens Advice, and ask them to refer the matter to Trading Standards for investigation and possibly formal action.

Forum staff can probably sort out the contract and arrangements, but when they do that there are no consequences for VM's business culture that routinely generates complaints about mis-selling and implementing different contracts to those actually agreed with customers.

It may not do any good, but possibly a call to your local newspaper office might not go amiss here. Depending on what else is happening in the world at the moment (nothing much going on really is there), they sometimes like a human interest story, vulnerable person, chance to bash a big, seemingly uncaring and overly bureaucratic company? Got to be worth a half page article somewhere around page 4 surely.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Dee42, 

Thank you for your post and thank you for reaching out on this.

I am so sorry that this has happened to your father, I will get this looked into asap for you. I will pop you over a PM and we can go from there.