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Being told Volt already on my account when I've only just taken 02 out

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Hello I could really do with some help here please.

I have been on 500mb broadband with evening and weekends phone for several years and always had Virgin Mobile sim only.

I recently took out an 02 line and was told that this included Volt perks and that my speed would double on my broadband. I ported my Virgin Mobile number over to 02 and followed the 02 app which shows a rather bizarre message stating "Thanks for your interest in Volt. There could be two reasons you're seeing this page. Either your Volt benefits have already been applied, or you can't get Volt at your address. Find out more below." And then checked my Virgin Media account, my Virgin Media account had updated to show both my mobile and broadband were now Volt but my speed remains the same. My 02 shows this should have been applied too.

I phoned this evening to enquire as to when my speed would double and the lady I spoke to tried to tell me that you can only have Volt applied to the 02 account which I know is wrong! Both 02 and Virgin's website show it should push my broadband to the next higher tier as well as increasing my data on 02.

I then asked to speak to retentions and the guy asked if I'd had 02 or if anyone else in the house had had it for the past year, which obviously no one had as I was on Virgin Mobile and proceeded to tell me Volt had been applied to my broadband since I renewed my contract in March but without actually increasing speed.

He then told my that in order to receive my contractual speed boost I would have to pay more for my home broadband and phone but then admitted that Volt cannot and should not have been on my broadband in the first place as I never had 02 until the end of November.

When I renewed my contract in March it was set to go from £54pcm to £75+. That was for broadband 500mb, evening and weekends and only 5gig omph that I'd been on for years. The person I spoke to actually told me I could no longer have Virgin Mobile so I cancelled at the time back in March.

I was contacted a week later and told I could of course keep Virgin Mobile and it would be separated from my package and my broadband + home phone would be reduced to keep the price at £54pcm. BB+Home being £45 & mobile £9.

I obviously didn't and couldn't have Volt due to being on Virgin Mobile back then.

Nevertheless the person I spoke to this evening could clearly see I've been on 500mb for years. The Volt logo shows Volt 500 as if I've been recieving some perk. If it was actually Volt it would have been 1gig that it was increased to and not remaining on what I'd actually always had or would have been priced at the equivalent of a 300mb package (again which I never had). 

Before taking out the contract I know for a fact my account showed omph on broadband and now both my mobile and broadband show Volt but without any boost and I'm fuming to say the least. 

I also spoke to someone who confirmed that my speed would move upto 1gig from 500mb before even taking out the contract and I know this should have happened as the agent agreed that when you have 02 and broadband it's part of your package.

I want to know what can be done to sort this I should never have had Volt down on my 500mb package in the first place from renewing as I clearly was already on 500mb and no increase was ever given, plus I never had an 02 line until three weeks ago. 

Whoever renewed my contract has really has really screwed it. I have received no so called perks and on the face of it, it looks like I've been on some deal when I've been paying for the exact package I've always had.

When I took out this contract I weighed up the savings through boosting my speed and I'm not impressed at all with what has actually happened.

The guy I spoke to this evening is trying to sort it but said he doesn't know what to do due to whoever applied Volt when it wasn't applicable and obviously without actually boosting in the first place. 

It also means that right now my Volt perks cannot be applied to my mobile plan as the system is stating I already have it. 

As mentioned before the agent has said it would be £6 more than I'm currently paying and he doesn't want to enter me into a new contract as this shouldn't be happening and will be waiting for a manager to advise the best course of action forward.

He stated that it maybe that they have to apply a discount and boost it that way but that still will leave me excluded from my boost with 02 as the systems are showing it applied when I never had an 02 account.

Any help with this would be appreciated thanks.


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Keiranjf, thanks for messaging us via PM and I am glad that we have been able to get this sorted for you. 

If you need anything further please let me know. 

Kind regards, Chris. 

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No one can help the?


On our wavelength

Surely there's an agent that can help me with this please. Is this how Virgin Media now treat their customers?


Another afternoon has been spent on the phone trying to resolve this issue. I was promised a call back two days ago and no one has bothered. 


I'm being led around the garden path with trying to resolve this. I'm having to explain over and over on the phone until it's understood what has happened and then told I need to speak to someone else, I then get transferred to someone in the same department and it begins again with explaining.


I have only just taken out an 02 contract and was promised that my speed would boost to 1gig. It's not a cheap contract either which I've taken for that matter and when I weighed up the cost it made sense considering the boost.


02 have applied my boost in three hours of speaking to them but Virgin Media are passing me around like it's a game.


When I renewed my contract in March, the person I spoke to has clearly put Volt for some bizarre reason but my contract below (personal details taken out) shows I only had broadband and home phone. You couldn't have Volt without 02 and I've only taken it out last month.


I already had 500mb and have been on this speed for three years plus. Them sticking Volt next to the package means that it's showing I already had it but I never had it as I didn't have an 02 account and obviously had no perks.


I was on 500mb already, if for some bizarre reason Volt had managed to be applied it should have boosted to 1gig in March or my package cost should have been 300mb and their so called Volt 500mb would have equated to that boost.


Every agent when they finally understand has agreed that the contract shouldn't have ever shown volt, agrees that I was already on 500mb and no boost was applied even so with the mistake and they also agree I have only just taken 02 and it should only now be where it's showing and should be 1gig on my account.


I'm being told they can only increase it via adding £6 extra cost but then being told this will increase my bill to £59. That's a £14 increase as it is as my broadband and landline package is actually £45! It's like they're counting my previous Virgin Mobile contract still when I've left 02 in November. 

You can see below I never even had a SIM with this contract and as mentioned I've only just taken 02.

Can someone please help with this. 02 can manage to sort it on their end in a few hours but this is ridiculous now with Virgin Media.



On our wavelength

Just want to add I've found my previous contract from before March this year on my old phone where I'd downloaded it to. 

It shows on that from 2021 that I was already on 500mb and talk weekends + oomph for my SIM. All priced at £54, illustrating that the above post image was price matched and my Virgin Mobile sim separated this March. Volt shouldn't have even been named on that March contract as it wasn't applicable and now I'm being prevented from actually having what I was sold!


Screenshot_20221216_030848_Samsung Notes.jpg

Hi Keiranjf, thanks for the message and sorry to hear that there is an issue with the package price/ what was agreed. 

I will send you a private message so that this can be looked into further. 

Please look out for the purple envelope. 

Kind regards, Chris. 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Keiranjf, thanks for messaging us via PM and I am glad that we have been able to get this sorted for you. 

If you need anything further please let me know. 

Kind regards, Chris.