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Being told I can cancel O2 and keep Virgin Media benefits?

Joining in

In the process of joining the Ultimate Volt bundle at £69 (VM) + £25 (O2) via WhatsApp.

I asked the advisor if I can cancel the O2 part of the deal after a month and keep the VM package for £69 per month to which the advisor said 'Yes that is correct'.

I've seen multiple people on this forum say otherwise... Can anyone confirm if this is a possibility? I already have a SIM-only deal so don't want the O2 SIM anyway. Can I just cancel it once my contract starts?


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No you are under contract for 18 months.

I have tried to cancel/change contract but not allowed!

Ultimate Volt, 2 x TV360 boxes

Do I have any bargaining power now that I have evidence the advisor said I could cancel the O2 and keep my VM perks?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @ImGettinScammed,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post.

I'm sorry that you have been told that you could do that but if you cancel the O2 part of the contract you would lose any discounts associated with the O2 part of the deal. 



Hi Steven 

Just curious, what discounts would be lost and how much would the bill go up by?


Many thanks

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Hi Steven 

I don’t think anyone can answer…how much will the VM go up by as it depends who you actually speak to at VM 

I was paying £89 for the ultimate bundle per month and in the last 2 months went to £99 for no reason then end of contract went to £147

i was quoted £125 for the same package then £118, £103 and finally managed to stop at £99 with Netflix in and some free booster wifi pods if I wanted them 

so renewed at £74 vm + £25 o2 sim for the same  ultimate bundle with you paid only £69