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Be careful when volting.

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So about a year ago, I volted my 500 to 1 gig at no cost being with o2. My bill stayed the same at £46.

I’m out of contract now and the price has jumped to £63 and I have no intention to stay as the service is terrible, the customer service is terrible and I still had to buy my own mesh system to get near the 1gig as the virgin router is pants.

I’m now getting told that my account originally was not put on a 500 volted to 1gig, but was put on a 1 gig account volted to 1500. When trying to explain that I cannot even more than 1 gig in my area, that I feel conned, they basically just gave me the run around couldn’t explain anything and then put the phone down on me.

So be careful and check that your being put on the right account. I’m stuck paying £63 until December when a new company “Netomnia” comes to our area and I can leave this terrible company behind.




There is no 1500 so they are talking nonsense. If out of contract, and you cancel all your services, VOLT would still apply to your O2 SIM unless you then changed the tariff as per T&C's small print.

Upon cancelling retentions would get invoked automatically and they'd transfer you through as sounds like you went to standard customer service, usually off-shore.

It should say VOLT on BB and SIM in My Virgin Media if a VOLT package and also in the Virgin Media app. They can't argue with that.

Similar situation, Netomnia are coming to my road but with the fiasco around getting a HUB5 and being told no chance because of HUB4 already for 1gbps service whilst new customers and upgrading ones get it and is against their own press release.

Hi @Solomace,

Thanks for your post, and welcome back to our Community Forums.

I'm sorry to hear there are some problems with your speeds. I've taken a look at things on our end and can see that your Hub is currently in Modem Mode, so we are unable to run diagnostics on this.

Can you please try your connection when in Router Mode, and perform a cabled test using SamKnows RealSpeed? In regards to your package, we don't offer a 1.5GB service - you can find your current package, and information on speeds by taking a look at your latest bill, and referencing here.


Reece - Forum Team

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