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Be careful when changing bundles - Oomph to Volt

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Hi all.

This is now raised as a complaint via Virgin but just so that others don't get caught out, keep an eye on your bills/bundles.

I was coming to the end of my Oomph bundle in June 22 so contacted VM via Whatsapp. It was agreed I'd switch to a Volt M350 bundle, basically, same as my current bundle but with an O2 Sim card instead of Virgin and faster BB although we can't get any quicker than the M200 we currently have.

Contract came thru with new payment of £32.50 (incl £27.50 credit) on 5th July followed by normal mthly payments of £60 per mth from Aug. O2's £25 per mth is set up on a separate DD, so in total it's £85 per mth to include Netflix on the new bundle. That's another story has I've never been able to resolve the Netflix activation.


I get an email today to say my DD on 5th July will be £147.50 as that's my new contract amount!! Virgin have simply carried on my Oomph bundle and never actually activated the Volt M350 bundle from May 25th. That DD should be £32.50, so an overcharge of £115 from Virgin and despite it not being due for another 16days, Virgin cannot/will not amend the DD to the correct amount of £32.50. Thankfully, we have funds to pay it but that's not the point.


To sum it up, Virgin confirmed my new bundle on the 25th May but never activated it despite email confirmation, an O2 sim card being sent plus a wifi pod being sent, both of which are part of the Volt bundle. No Netflix upgrade but that's because they still have me on the Oomph bundle.

DD set for an over payment of £115 with no intention of amending.


So, lesson learnt here but just don't trust Virgin to set up/amend your new contract/bundles.

If you do change/amend your contract, monitor it closely as when it goes belly up, Virgin will simply do naff all about it and just expect you to honour their breach of contract.


Complaint in but I don't expect to get anywhere with it. Supposedly, my new bundle will be activated soon and my Aug bill will reflect my credits............not holding out for any of that in my current frame of mind.




Fibre optic

I swapped from Oomph to Volt in March when I still had 6 months of my oomph contract remaining. I thought the inclusion of Netflix plus moving from Vodafone to O2 would be beneficial. Mine is the Gig1 connection so there has been no difference there. But I have batted for around 3 months regarding the Netflix element as they were charging this on top. I am hopeful this has been resolved (will see in my next bill).

But my contract still says oomph and the price I was paying for it yet my bill references Volt. Wil be interesting to see what happens when the Ooomph contract expires.

Little I can say in Virgins defence here except over the past few months I have had to deal with other large suppliers (gas/electric) and all i can say is they are allas bad.

On our wavelength

I just don't get how they can get it so wrong.


Unbelievably, I get an email from VM today to tell me my order is on it's way??? Seems that are sending me out another O2 Sim card that was originally sent out in May when the new contract started.


The only part of the contract that is correct is the O2 part of it as that DD is set up and takes £25 mth since inception in May.

One leg doesn't know what the other is doing most of the time. I was leaving at the end of my contract but Sky couldn't get nowhere near VM in terms of bundles/costs I've basically cut my nose off to spite my face and stayed put despite the absolute shower in relation to Customer Services.

Same with me @nb67. I prices up BT and Sky and they worked out more expensive plus they could only offer me around 55mbps (as compared to Gig1).

Funy thing is that in our village it was like the Battle of the Somme for 2 years as competitors fibre was installed (next to the recently dug Virgin trenches lol) yet there is still no viable alternative for speed

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello nb67

Sorry to hear this has happened.

Can you please let us know if the next bill has any discrepancies on it.


On our wavelength

Hi Gareth.


The next bill should correct the current incorrect bill, the fact of the matter is that VM refuse to sort out their error and will take nearly 4 times the amount that was supposed to be taken.

Resolution team have said they can see nothing wrong and are closing my complaint, diabolical customer service imo. They've basically just given me a 2 fingered salute.


On our wavelength

Hi nb67

Firstly it's absolutely terrible that this has happened to you. You said thankfully you had enough to cover the direct debit, but what about folks who perhaps wouldn't have had the funds available ??  Especially atm when everyone is tightening their belts financially. Shocking customer service & response from Virgin tbh

I take onboard your advice about watching the progress of your virgin media order as personally I don't have a great deal of confidence in Virgin Media at all. 

Whilst my recent Virgin Media order isn't an upgrade (supposedly as the package we wanted to move to wasn't available as an existing customer?) It's actually an order as a brand new customer in order to get the package we wanted. So in theory atm my flatmate who is the present virgin media customer of 8+ years is disconnecting & I'm reconnecting as a brand new customer.  First we were given an extortionate price if we wanted to upgrade to the package, then we were told ah actually as an existing customer you cant have that package anyway??  Hence the reason I have ZERO confidence in anything Virgin says anymore. Shame really as apart from that we have found their broadband / tv service faultless in all honesty.

Anyway, I certainly will be watching my order progress VERY closely & can only hope your issue gets sorted out asap