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Address written wrong

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Hi all,

I've recently joined O2 and have discovered that Volt isn't being activated and I believe it being due to my address actually being wrong on VM's system.

I live in a building that was split into flats and I had VM installed before Royal Mails database had been updated properly so in my case VM have me listed as Flat 1 but O2 have Apartment 1. Also the house number is slightly wrong on VM's end. I'd rather get VM's systems up to date rather than changing my O2 address.


(any VM person looking at this will probably see that this account is linked to an old account that was at my parents, not mine - don't know how to change that). 


On our wavelength

Seriously, nobody from VM can help with this? That's a bit crap. I can't even get a link to chat with you online and I don't have time to do a call and wait on hold for ages. This should be fairly simple! 

Hi james2k2,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. We're sorry to hear that you were not eligible for the VOLT benefits since the addresses did not match on both accounts.

As you posted a short while ago, we can see from the systems that you have already contacted the team with regarding this query.

Can we confirm that this issue has now been resolved or do you still require assistance?

Kind regards Jodi. 

On our wavelength

Hi Jodi, 

I've just had my latest bill through to verify what was entered and it's still wrong. The person who entered it shortened the address to a single line so now it shows my street as part of my house name! And the house name written is incomplete. This would be far easier if I could simply talk to somebody on chat but that option seems to be missing now. 

Thank you for that information james2k2. I'm very sorry to hear that it still hasn't been updated for you. 

I will take a look at the account to see what we can do to help. I will private message you now.