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5 Weeks of waiting for Volt

Joining in


I signed up for volt about the 14th May and O2 did there part on the 20th May and doubled my data, I have the M100 Broadband


I did just phone Virgin media and was told I need to wait longer or if I want to pay more he can do it now which of course I did not do.


I have been with o2 and virgin media for many years


any idea how much longer I should wait




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VM forum team should be able to help. With Volt the home address has to be exactly the same and I think both companies use slightly different address databases. 

Thanks for your reply Cardiffman, hopefully the VM forum team can help me, how long do they usually take, not heard from them yet.


Thanks a lot




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They are pretty good. Allow two working days. Ps I think Volt is a really good deal. Hopefully it will be sorted out soon. 

Looks like no help is coming from the VM forum team, they have had 4 days to reply, do you know of any other ways to get this sorted Cardiffman. Thanks a lot

Sorry to hear no one has responded to you yet. Outside of actually calling virgin media customer services I can only suggest trying to cxontact someone via Whatsapp on 07305327112. 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hello @StevePF,

Welcome, thanks for posting.

Sorry for the issue with your Volt benefits.

I will send you a private message so I can help you further, please look out for a purple envelope at the top right of the page.

Many thanks,

Forum Team

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