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2 x O2 Contracts, 1 VOLT benefit

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hi all,

We've had Virgin Broadband for a while now and recently my wife moved her phone to O2, after which the VOLT benefit was applied to our broadband and the speed increased. However, I also joined O2 in June and while VOLT benefit was applied to my O2 account, the broadband has not increased this time. So the question is, if we have 2 O2 contracts in our household, should VOLT benefits be applied to our broadband twice and the speed increased by 2 steps up? From what I read in the guide it should be the case.


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I had M250 and after getting a new O2 SIM it was upgraded to M350 recently. Also have 3 further SIMS with Virgin that will migrate over to O2 in 2 weeks. I honestly can't see my internet upgraded 3x further.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Ironek thanks for your post here in the Community although we're sorry to hear of your concerns raised here.

To be clear, the Volt benefits are only applied once to the Virgin Media side of things as the benefits are attached to that address on the account (from our side), rather than linked to individual SIM Cards from O2.

We hope this helps and apologies for any disappointment caused.

Many thanks