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116% price increase

Joining in


What are the chances of getting through to live chat to try and get a new deal for a package that has Sky and TNT sports.


Up to speed

Livechat might well be an exercise in frustration, you may well be better served by calling customer services (aka ‘The Team’) on 150 from a VM landline, not sure of the 0800 number. If you do this, accepted wisdom is to do it as soon after 8am (when they open) as you can to maximise your chances of getting through to a UK based agent.

Fibre optic

After recent bitter experience:

(1) Live chat #1 appalling - escalate

(2) Live chat #2 appalling - escalate

(3) Escalation to UK based CS - roll of the dice with regards to competency, wanting to help etc etc.

nb: Initial 2 live chats routes are based abroad and it isnt their faults they are given little or no ability to actually fix things.I feel sorry for them.

My Live chat #2 experience ended up with the CS person saying they had matched my current contract. Sadly they disabled one of the two set top boxes which needed an engineer to come out and replace and removed many channels on my remaining box.