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sky sports £22 offer

I phoned up to ask for the offer. I got an automated option of getting the £22 sky sports offer which I accepted. The next day I looked at my online account to see I was getting charged £23.47 extra for sky sports. I phoned up to be told the £23.47 ws a one off charge, and the ongoing monthly charge would be £22. I grudgingly accepted that, and left it at that. I later received an email from Virgin detailing my new package, which is my normal package of £83.50 plus the new sky sports package offer which will be £105.50 . That is fine but next month I will be charged £128.97 before the £105.50 starts. I phoned up again to be told that the extra £23.47 added onto next months bill is pro rata for the part of the month I have had before full month kicks in, surely pro rata means a percentage of full months price, not a full months price and then some. I was told that was the price and to negotiate more at the end of the contract. Why do I feel I am getting ripped off ?

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