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"You have reached the maximum number of devices..."

I've had this problem for ever - not even Virgin can properly help or explain it. I only have ONE device (desktop computer) - unless the actual TV set is counted as a device?  I keep getting that message (see above), although before that message is reached, sometimes I can click on 'replace' (presumably a device) and can carry oin viewing.  But as I keep explaining to Virgin I ONLY HAVE ONE DEVICE, I don't use any tablet, smartphone or anything else. 

Tomorrow is a new month, is there any hope of getting VM to understand?  What should I ask them, what am I doing wrong?   I use Firefox.

If anyone can help, I'd be grateful.  With VM it's like banging one's head against a brick wall.  And the language barrier does not help either!  Is there a UK call centre somewhere?

Thank you.


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Re: "You have reached the maximum number of devices..."

I can only assume that you are talking about TV Go?

If so then do you regularly delete cookies etc? If you do then you are deleting the license installed when you register the device. The next time you log in the licence cannot be found an therefore it's treating your computer as a new device.

Security updates can also cause this.

The only way around it is to not delete your cookies etc or if you have windows 10 to download the TV Go app.