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poor tv signal

This started last night...

Watching tv perfectly fine and then all of a sudden the picture starts to stutter and then blur/ pixelate quite frequently from 9pm onwards. It's like the signal strength isn't good enough. I have two boxes in separate rooms and both are doing the same thing, one of the boxes is less than 3 months old. 

I had attributed it to the warm weather and maybe the humidity however, I'm not ok with that being the reason considering the amount of money I pay. I have checked all of the cables and connections too, plus I have ran the online diagnostic and this came back with no issues.


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Re: poor tv signal

Hi there Nathand, sorry to hear about your TV signal problem and understand that it's disrupting your viewing. I've had a look at your TV network details for your newer box and cannot find any issues with it I'm unable to look at your old one as it's currently offline. Can I ask whether the blur/pixelation happens on all channels both live and On Demand or on select ones? Can you check that the connections are all snuggly fit and that thee boxes are well ventilated and dust free?


Sorry for the questions, just want a better idea of the issue so we can help.





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