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old box still active on account

Hi all,

I have just looked into my account and it suggests I have 3 boxes, when I only actually have 2.  When I upgraded my contract a while back to TV6, I opted to have a second connection in the conservatory, they initially moved my single old 500gb TiVo box (2013) into the second connection and setup a TV6 box in the living room.

They then offered to send me a second TV6 box to replace the knackered old TiVo in the conservatory, but for some reason it is showing that I have 3 boxes!

How do I rectify this in my account.  They collected the TiVO box when the new one came so i definitely do not have 3 boxes, and only 2 connections!

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Re: old box still active on account

Thank you for the post Streetpreache47.


In this instance we'd be able to pop you over a private message to pass security and remove that from the account as it's been collected.


Please respond to this by going to the purple envelope in the top right of your screen.


Thank you, Emily.

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