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fairly old TV! with V6 Box


Can you just let me know that I would be good to go, with this TV below, already bought!


1 would you consider getting a brand new TV, with HD ready or Full HD, before installation this week of both broadband and my new  V6 box, can you please advise? questions below-

The man i got TV from has said

the cable (meaning HDMI) you have there is the same as we have here and the television was plugged in to it here  (meaning they used virgin media TV with the Tv i have now)  also , The engineers will set it all up for you I'm sure.

ok...there's no PC input and this TV doesn't feature a VGA input but there IS a slot for TopUp TV upgrades. 

I dont personally x box, anyway , my main reason for TV and virgin package is viewing films. catch up , netflix and sports viewing and being a fairly old model - it has the 'HD Ready' badge 

not full HD

2  Does this basically mean - im  ok/ ready to watch BT sports on TV, using HR Ready

i dont need and dont have to have ...full HD for watching my BT sports  yes? ? is this right?

The TV... is fully high-definition compatible AND it will support 720p and 1080i resolution video

through both component and HDMI video sockets,  HDMI input, 1,366 x 768 screen resolution and

component video inputs. three Scarts (two RGB-enabled), S-video and composite video

3   Am i forced to use the latter 1080i with Virgin media HD please?

TV picture from interlaced pictures (everything except progressive-scan component video

and HDMI) is remarkably solid - in a review

4  Are 2 HDMI sufficient? and enough for my virgin media engineer this week ? i presume so?

as long as im not using/needing any other devices. connected to the TV

This Tv has a in-built Freeview tuner, though

5  Am I right in saying that is mainly not used and im using almost on the whole my V6 box. and



6 As the remote is somewhat old, and i think?! the standby button is a little " battered"

( full on/off button on front of this TV) will i be looking at a possible Universal remote thing

or possibly will i be able to change- my sound level on the TV using- just the TV remote?

and or virgin med remote, sorry little confused again?

I just clearly want my set up - to go smoothly, this TV is fully working and  this TV was definetly

switched on. working a few days ago- the TV channels didnt come, on  tuning?

and yes   i realise it is a small screen size

where i am the previous person here did have Virgin media-

model  TX-26LXD52


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Re: fairly old TV! with V6 Box

Hi you will be okay with this TV you will have to use HDMI and set the V6 to 1080p & as you say you have an engineer set up arranged he should make sure it's set up right, then if in the future you want to treat yourself to a more up to date TV you can just plug in the HDMI cable, the engineer will hopefully pair your V6 remote to control the sound & channels up & down on your TV provided he can find the codes for it (as you say it's old) .Regards Micky
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Re: fairly old TV! with V6 Box

The native resolution of the panel (1,366x768 pixels) means that 1080i video feeds like HD broadcasts will get scaled down. I recommend trying the V6's video output setting of 720p only.

You're better off getting a full HD TV which supports 1080p.

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Re: fairly old TV! with V6 Box

Yes, your TV will work fine with the V6.

To get the absolute best out of it, a new TV is certainly the way to go if it's affordable.

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