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Good morning

Can anyone give us some tips hows to get my package downgraded. My wife spent 3 hours on the phone trying to get our TV pakage downgraded. She was transfered so many times to different people and got cut off numurous times.

We have a full pakage which to be hounest is not worth it  now we tend to use Netflix and prime .  The Broadband is great just we need less channals and may do away with the Phone.

Any advise which would save us money. All we get is we can upgrade for the same amount we pay now, which is the opposite to what we want.







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Re: downgrade!!!!


You could try the text messaging service. Just send  a text with a description of regrade ( or cancellation)  to 07533 051809. Your message will go into a queue and a representative will respond to you as soon as possible. It may take a few days. 

You can also call  150 from a Virgin landline, or 0345 454 1111, options 1,1 and 4 (Changes to your package) OR options 1,1,4, and 4  (Thinking of leaving us) but best to call at 8am to avoid call queues

You should be able to negotiate a new deal with either department, especially if out of contract.


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